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Traffic control

We conduct research in the area of determining the direction of traffic flow. The goal - definition of the basic directions of movement in the scope of the camera. This information may then be used to determine congestion.


Recognition of road signs

We conduct research in recognition of road marks. The marks of the speed limit is used throughout the world. It's recognition includes the steps of detecting the mark and the recognition of digits. Detection of the mark is a separation of the background of the mark and its lateral part. Below are some test results.


Face Tracking

We conduct research in the field of tracking faces in real time. The well-known method for the detection of persons used in the OpenCV library is too slow. However, most scientific publications refer to the method of selection of persons on the color mask. After spending binarization image complexion, you can get the field that you can then select it, and then check for compliance with the human face.


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