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2D Barcode recognition

Recognition technology two-dimensional bar codes at the moment are becoming more common. At the moment there are a large count of two-dimensional bar codes, such as Aztec Code, DataMatrix, PDF-417 and QR Code. Our company offers recognition technology codes Aztec (and Small Aztec) and DataMatrix. We will help build recognition technology bar code on your system. Our company also offers a modification VidikonReader solutions for your specific needs.

Aztec and Small Aztec Code

This type of bar codes is quite young (Standard 2008), but one of the most effective. Convenient central target of the code allows to detect code even in contact with the edges of other graphic images. Our solution allows to recognize all of the major modes of coding, all sizes Small Aztec and 1-11 leveling codes Aztec.



Long known for DataMatrix bar code is widely available at the moment around the world. It is applied to hard drives, packaging of drugs and other places. The peculiarity is that the standard requires that between code and other images should be part of the background. Our solution supports all major encryption and sizes, with a small of the deteriorating quality (due to violation of aspect ratio) on the very large sizes of codes.



Despite the fact that the program VidikonReader is free, we can modify it according to your wishes (for example, incorporate the results of recognition to your software). VidikonReader can recognize bar codes Aztec, Small Aztec and PDF417 with a webcam or a graphic file. Supported image formats: BMP; JPEG; PNG; TIFF.


DataMatrix PC Scanner

You uses a DataMatrix codes in your business? And your company has several working machines on which you want to receive the results of decoding DataMatrix? Do not rush to buy a bar-code scanners. We offer a solution that is much cheaper and can read DataMatrix codes with web-camera. After the reading code by emulating keystrokes keyboard (so works the scanner bar codes), so to link this program with your software will not cause difficulties.


Generate bar codes

We provide you with a free online DataMatrix code generator. If you need to build a solution for generating DataMatrix of codes into your system, you can contact us.

Online DataMatrix Generator

You can also use the free library for generating DataMatrix of codes for Windows:

DataMatrix Encode SDK

Optical markers "Aztec Marker"

The use of optical markers for tracking is not new, and currently there are a number of developments in this area. The best-known technology - is ARToolKit and ARTag. However, these techniques have certain disadvantages, such as compulsory absence of noise at the edges. Many developers had the idea, "can be used as markers for well-detected and the well-established barcodes, well, such as, QR Code and Aztec (Small Aztec) Code". However, the size of such codes is too large. Therefore, we developed a modified version of the Aztec Code, which gave the name of the Aztec Marker.

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Long Aztec Marker

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