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Optical markers "Aztec Marker"

The use of optical markers for tracking is not new, and currently there are a number of developments in this area. The best-known technology - is ARToolKit and ARTag. However, these techniques have certain disadvantages, such as compulsory absence of noise at the edges. Many developers had the idea, "can be used as markers for well-detected and the well-established barcodes, well, such as, QR Code and Aztec (Small Aztec) Code". However, the size of such codes is too large. Therefore, we developed a modified version of the Aztec Code, which gave the name of the Aztec Marker. The structure of the marker is shown below:

In the figure: black and white cells - the mandatory, red color indicative elements markers, gray - a data cells with the corrective words of Reed-Solomon. In general, a lot has no changed from the code Small Aztec - somewhat modified the central target, remained the same indicative elements, and where information is stored on the amount of code and coding mode, the marker number is now stored. Total 28 bits are used - 7 code words of 4 bits, of which only two codewords have useful information, and other 20-bit - corrective information of Reed-Solomon with the Galois field GF (16), based on the main unit polynomial x ^ 4+x +1 (coefficient generating polynomial = 19).

Free software for generating and decoding (NOTE: Only the decoding, but not recognition) can be downloaded at the following link
Download AztecMarkerED

The process of encoding and decoding is very simple, as you can see by downloading the source code. Below is a procedure for encoding and decoding of the symbol 210.

unsigned char c=210;
bool m[121];
EncodeAM(c,m); // Encode Aztec Marker
int i,j;
unsigned char o;
int err=DecodeAM(m,&o); // Decode Aztec Marker

Designed kind of markers can encode up to 256 markers with the adjustment of the Reed-Solomon and reliable detection. Here is an example of recognition

An example of the recognition algorithm, you can look at the video below:

If you are interested in the solution to recognize this type of marker, then please contact us.

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