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Aztec and Small Aztec Code

This type of bar codes is quite young (Standard 2008), but one of the most effective. Convenient central target of the code allows to detect code even in contact with the edges of other graphic images. Our solution allows to recognize all of the major modes of coding, all sizes Small Aztec and 1-11 leveling codes Aztec. Samples (Aztec and Small Aztec):

The most important element is the central target with a elements of orientation and dotted lines for synchronizing. Data is encoded into layers (levels), which wrap around the central target of the so-called principle of "domino" in a clockwise direction. Information on the coding mode is located between the orientation elements of the target. Available sizes Aztec Code symbols shown in the table. The table shows the physical size of the characters and their capacity (number of codewords multiplied by the number of bits).

High-level encryption consists of two stages. In the first stage, a character string converted into a stream of bits. In the second stage bit stream is transformed, which is intended to eliminate long-term repetition of identical bits.

We offer the solution of recognition codes and Small Aztec Aztec with an arbitrary angle of tilt and rotate the camera, an algorithm which was developed by us in 2010 [Link]. An example of the recognition algorithm, you can look at the video below:

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