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Long known for DataMatrix bar code is widely available at the moment around the world. It is applied to hard drives, packaging of drugs and other places. The peculiarity is that the standard requires that between code and other images should be part of the background. Our solution supports all major encryption and sizes, with a small of the deteriorating quality (due to violation of aspect ratio) on the very large sizes of codes. Samples:

Technology 2D DataMatrix codes allows to code before 1556 bytes, 2335 symbols of the latin alphabet and 3116 digital units. There are 24 sizes square symbol and 6 sizes rectangle symbol DataMatrix with adjustment error Reed-Solomon code provides the possibility of damage from 28 to 62%. The high level of coding DataMatrix supports six different modes, and the ASCII mode consists of three submodes.

Tab. 1 - Square symbols DataMatrix

Tab. 2 - Rectangle symbols DataMatrix

We offer a solution to recognition DataMatrix codes with an arbitrary angle of tilt and rotate the camera, an algorithm which was developed by us in 2008-2010. An example of the recognition algorithm, you can look at the video below:

You can download the Demo version of the DataMatrix recognition library for OpenCV 2.4.13 (32bit) for Windows: Demo. The library is paid, and the demo version is for informational purposes only. The price is 1000 USD. For purchase, please contact us. The library uses Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 SP1 Redistributable Package

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