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[2016-05-06] DataMatrix Windows FREE Reader

Free DataMatrix Windows FREE Reader About


[2013-09-23] iANPR SDK 1.0b

Fitst version iANPR SDK. The main goal - to provide an automated license plate recognition based on computer vision library OpenCV.


[2013-07-22] Industrial DataMatrix Reader

Developed a method of recognition industrial DataMatrix codes.

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[2013-03-18] Recognition Small Aztec Code in OMarks

OMarks is a library of not only optical markers. Also this is SDK for barcode recognition. And the first to support the barcode: Small Aztec. You can try the free library in your application, if you need a different version of the operating system (not Windows), then write to us.

About OMarks

[2013-03-01] Application of the technology of optical markers OMarks for warehouse automation

OMarks technology can be used to automate the warehouse as follows: Video High (Full HD) quality around the perimeter of the warehouse; marked containers markers supported OMarks (eg, Small Aztec); analyze the resulting images from the cameras based on the library OMarks.


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IntBuSoft Ltd - Russian company specializing in the development of intelligent software for business. Automation of processes using intelligent software increases the efficiency of any business. Our company specializes in the development of intelligent technologies, including pattern recognition, computer vision, image processing, optimization of automatic control systems. We have our own software products, but also willing to undertake the development of custom solutions for our customers' requirements.Our main areas of activity:

Computer vision technology, including barcode recognition, optical markers, license plates, working with stereo vision sensors, intelligent image processing.

Automation of processes, including the industry, based on the technology of pattern recognition, data mining, the optimal decision.

Intelligent processing technology of video streams (from cameras and files). Motion detection, object tracking, people counting, face detection, HD-video, augmented reality, control the size of objects.

Development SDK. In particular, the encoding of barcode, barcode recognition, recognition of optical markers, license plate recognition.

Research in the field of pattern recognition, computer vision, automation of processes.



iANPR SDK - this is software development kit for license plate recognition. The main goal - to provide an automated license plate recognition based on computer vision library OpenCV. Library features include image processing OpenCV and issue recognition result: license plates, trapped in the frame and their coordinates. The number of license plates is not limited. The interface of the library can be changed by the customer. The first beta version of the library supports the recognition of basic Russian license plates. On the product page you can download a demo version of the library, which is artificially slowed down and is not intended for commercial use. Regarding the errors, comments, suggestions for the library to write letters to the "Contact Us". If you need a version for ANPR another type - please contact us.



Library OMarks intended for recognition of optical markers. In version 1.0 supported markers based on barcode Small Aztec. There are different types of licenses for free use, use for yourself and distributing with your software. Library functions include: recognition of the marker on the 8, 24 and 32 bit images, the correction position of the markers (for augmented reality) that is distributed as an alpha version.


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